About the Author

How the story started


 One Nation Under Par is a story about absurdity and truth, two topics that are truthful oxymoron's when it comes to US politics. 

While watching the Katrina hurricane catastrophe, and also recovering from the same hurricane in my South Florida home, I came up with an idea about hooking up politicians to a lie detector to see if we could really find out what's going on in D.C. 

From thoughts to paper


 Humor spilled out onto the paper. I'm not a political freak, but wondered if honesty and integrity could have helped to avoid events like 9/11 and the New Orleans / Katrina mess. We could add our current political environment  to this list.  

 Then I thought, maybe a golfer would be a good leader. They play to the best of their ability and try to beat a golf course without cheating. Isn't that what we want from our political and business leaders? I know, wishful thinking. 

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One Nation Under Par

 I started writing this humorous story, falling back on experience from writing press releases, newsletters and magazine articles. Before to long, I kept adding to it, until I realized I had fun fantasizing about electing a no-name sports nut for president, and my thoughts turned to words, and then into a book, ebook and audio book.  

Overall, I enjoyed creating this humorous tale, and hope you enjoy it as well. 

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