One Nation Under Par Amazon kindle Books

If your choice for president was a dishonest and corrupt politician, or an honest semi-pro golfer whose gorgeous wife made money the old fashion way, and his campaign manager is a Las Vegas gambling talk show host, who would you vote for? 

If you could ask any presidential candidate a question while they're hooked up to a lie detector, what would you ask them? 

One Nation Under Par is a funny and fast paced story that hits a hole-in-one for virtually anyone that has interest in politics, golf, sports, gambling, music, mild levels of absurdity, and even unusual pet tricks. 

While taking his last shot to become a professional touring golfer, Jeff Taylor became entangled in an unprecedented betting scheme and found himself unofficially in the presidential election race. Except for being brutally honest, he had no other skills to run for the most important position in the world. However, Jeff found a new desire to run for president, and actually put up a fighting chance in his effort to win the election with the aid of his off-beat team members. 

But evil political forces deployed a comical band of thugs, attempting to squash his claim to the presidential throne using any means necessary. 

If you're into golf and political humor, grab your clubs and enjoy the 18 hysterical holes of One Nation Under Par. 

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