Rock Race Screenplay
Columbian drug lords, psycho girlfriends, the FBI, and amnesia are obstacles that a middle-aged rock band must overcome to win a major record contract and become famous rock stars
Rock Race Screenplay by Mark Nemcek WGA Registry # 1559749 
RANDY NESMITH grew playing drums in his dad’s polka band at a time when classic rock was exploding. He always dreamed of being a rock star and joined Goody’s, a band of middle aged rockers with the same aspirations. GOODY, the hippie-like lead singer and keyboardist, succumb to teaching high school history while spending over 30 years trying to get that elusive record contract. AX’s blistering fast guitar fingers are mostly used to deliver pizza. RICH FENWORTHY, vice-president of PI firm, has a love for playing the bass that’s only matched by his love of women.  
They win a regional music contest that gets them into the final round of the Band Bash competition in Las Vegas and a chance to win a major record contract. But the journey from Florida to Las Vegas turns out to be an obstacle laden, Rock Race adventure for each unsuspecting band member. 
Randy accidentally gets knocked in the head and loses his memory, as well his ability to play the drums.  
Rich is framed by his boss for flirting with his wife and is arrested for embezzling money.  
Ax’s psycho girlfriend finagles him into bed and imprisons him via handcuffs.  
Goody is hired by Rich’s boss to participate in a Columbian drug deal that turns sour. Goody saves the life of a drug lord named RICO , who offers to help Goody sneak back into the USA as an illegal alien. But Rico’s naughty sister makes a play for Goody that infuriates Rico, and Goodys’ slated to be killed while crossing the border.  
Although he has amnesia, Randy, with the help of his wife BECKY, courageously help Rich and Ax get out of their predicaments and drive westward. 
Goody thwarts the attempt to be killed while crossing the border, and eludes border patrols with help of stoned, music store employees. He’s eventually picked up by his band members. As they drive into Vegas, a truck spins out of control and its cargo of barrels roll out that help trigger Randy’s polka memory and drum playing ability.  
However, they lose the Rock Race, arriving at the contest just as the winner’s being announced.  
Later, in the empty concert hall, they convince the stage crew to let them play their song. A famous rock star hears them play and says “Hmm, they would be a great opening act for my world wide tour”. They end up becoming rock stars. 

Script and Treatment available upon request
Mark Nemcek