One Nation Under Par Screenplay
One Nation Under Par screenplay written by Mark Nemcek  
ProtectRite registration number: R692-11841  Copyright © Mark Nemcek 2007 

A gambling talk show host bets his national audience a million dollars that his last minute and unknown semi-pro golf candidate will win the US presidency by challenging all candidates to a lie detector test of truth 
Sonny Hoag, a well connected and unscrupulous Congressman, employs Ginger Holiday to obtain vital political information for him, but lust overwhelms him during payment of rendered services. Ginger, disgusted, ties the nude and drunken Congressman to the bed and masks him hoping to avoid contact, and leaves to secretly turns on a video camera. Her parrot sprinkles bird seed over his moist fat body, and Ginger returns to her parrot enjoying a congressional smorgasbord, caught on video. 
Years later, Jeff Taylor, making his last attempt to play the US Open, notices a sexy and Corona filled Ginger at the golf course. Just as he’s striking the ball to ultimately win the tournament, her high-heel shoe seeps into the soft turf and falls, causing Jeff to miss the putt and lose. While consoling Jeff in the bar, Ginger jumps on Jeff when the TV announces Sonny Hoag’s bid for the presidency. To divert his rising concern, Jeff lashes out that all candidates should be connected to a lie detector test prior to running for office.  
Longshot, a gambling talk show host with a large national audience, overhears his profound comment, and bets Jeff a million dollars that he’ll make him a millionaire by entering him in the presidential race.  
In addition, Longshot patriotically bets his radio audience a million dollars that he’ll place an unknown and inexperienced candidate in the White House, as only his candidate can pass a pre-election lie detector test. The news media forces this unique challenge to all candidates, thrusting Jeff and Ginger into the election limelight.  
This challenge ignites Sonny Hoag to hire a devious problem solver to derail Jeff’s campaign. This turns into a political match play event, with both parties using blackmail, skeletons, porn and mild bestiality as their weapons of choice. Who will end up riding the golf cart down Pennsylvania Avenue? Find out in One Nation Under Par. 

Main Characters 
: (Unknown Golfer and new Presidential Contender) 
Tall, slender or sporty physique, Attractive WM, "Young looking for late 40's", Easy going; decent golf swing preferred 
Vein: Dennis Quaid, Jeff Daniels, maybe Jim Carey-ish  
Ginger: (Hooker turned sexy first lady type, street smart) 
Attractive, Very Shapely, "Young for mid 40's" WF Vein; Younger Goldie Hawn or Susan Sarandon  
Longshot: (Radio Talk Show Host and backbone schemer)  
Late 50's, weathered, cow boyish, WM, Strong Radio Voice  Vein: Imus, Robert Duval 
Jade :( Jeff’s Press Secretary and close alliance) 
Young 20's, cute, comedic BF. Must have ability to bring comedic humor to her role and script. 
Johnson: (Former CIA, Jeff’s Bodyguard and Top Advisor) 
60ish, BM Vein: Morgan Freeman 
Sonny Hoag :( Corrupt Politician) 
Mid 50's Male, Attractive yet over-weight, arrogant leader, WM 
Scratch:(Hired Killer) 
Mid 30's, Deceptive, over-weight WM. Black hair Vein: Younger Danny Devito. 

 Based on the fictional novel, One Nation Under Par Screenplay and novel written by Mark Nemcek 
Script available upon request 
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