Making Music Docu-style Reality TV Show
Making Music Docu-style Reality TV Show 
Mark Nemcek – Creator
WGA West Registration Number : 1475615 561-350-4770 Stuart, FL 
Ranging from professional music artists to garage bands, the art of making music is explored and revealed in “real time”, capturing the stages of inspiration and initial song development, to studio recording and production.  
A cool song lyric pops into your mind. (Let it Be). Or a catchy melody keeps drifting onto the guitar strings or piano keys. (Stairway to Heaven). However, or wherever a song starts with a musician or songwriter, the artistic energy erupts to evolve this inspiration into high quality piece of music.  
This is Making Music. Unscripted interviews with professional and amateur musicians, along with recorded rehearsal and recording studio sessions, take center stage to reveal the traditional and abstract methods of how songs are created. Discussions of methods to improve songs through tempo changes, vocal rearrangements, instrumentation, mic selection for recording, and tips on producing and mixing, will disclose how artists across the country make various genres of music.  
In addition, video and audio footage of the Making Music process will take place in rehearsal studios, home based and professional recording studios.  
Camaraderie, humor and creative battles between band members will ultimately define the final song, and drive the spark of the show. 
Guests could include signed artists, famous musicians, and record producers. This would be an ideal medium to showcase signed artists, and provide a sneek peak of the release of an upcoming album. Unsigned artists can submit videos or music for consideration to appear on the show, encouraging the hype factor that ultimately increases the TV show viewership and web traffic.  
Target Audience: 
Virtually anyone who enjoys listening to music 
Musicians, songwriters, and music industry in general 
Male and Female 
Wide age group (with ability or persuasion to spend on musical related products) 
Business Proposition 
The advertising sponsors include all musical equipment and audio manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and record labels. (Ex. Sony, iTunes, Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Gibson, Fender, Yamaha, Alesis, Marshall, Web music stores, Amazon, and local music advertising).